Licensing information

The show

Non-musical content in episodes of The Science of Fiction, the accompanying show notes, and the transmitter logo are copyright © 2011–2013 Andrew Holding, Will Thompson, and guests. All rights reserved.

In the podcast, music is used under license from PRS for Music (specifically, a Limited Online Music License for a Music Podcasting Service, license reference LE-0006391).

The images accompanying the show notes are used under a variety of Creative Commons licenses; please click through each for details.

This website

The software running this website is derived from that used to host Free as in Freedom, a bi-weekly oggcast discussing legal, policy, and many other issues in the FLOSS world.

  • Copyright © 2007-2008, Software Freedom Law Center, Inc.
  • Copyright © 2010, Bradley M. Kuhn.
  • Copyright © 2012, Will Thompson

The software is licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3-or-later. You can find a full copy of the sources hosted on this site, but it may be more interesting to know that the site is running on stock Debian lenny with Apache, Django, mod_python, and sqlite installed, and that the main sources for the site's code itself is hosted on gitorious.

The icons for the RSS audio feeds and direct audio links are borrowed from the PodPress project and are licensed under GPLv2.