Quantum (with Michael Conterio)

Sunday 11th November, 2012

Serial guest Michael Conterio joins the show to discuss the fiction and fact of technology enabled by quantum mechanics. Michael co-hosts Burst The Bubble—which airs just before The Science of Fiction—and is the ringleader of Sci Cam, a new magazine-style live video show with interviews, beginner's guides and news.

101 Housework Songs, wave-particle duality, A Quantum Murder, A Quantum of Solace, teleportation, lasers, Boeing YAL-1, semiconductors, Qubit Slip, and many other things.


  • Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine
  • Jonny Berliner – Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
  • Chris Cornell – You Know My Name
  • The Firm – Star Trekkin’

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