Sunday 25th November, 2012

Andy and Will round off the year with a show on intoxicants: real or fantastical, legal or outlawed, poison or cure (or sometimes both…).

James Bond’s heart, curare, Charles Waterton’s donkey- and bellows-based hobbies, counteracting poisons with poisons, deadly beauty treatments, glass swans, penicillin, recycling a policeman's urine, K-Pax, alkaloids, opiates, the works of Jeff Noon, Hofmann, tripping babies, Equilibrium, mood stabilizers, and a surprisingly large number of emails!

The claim that Dolophine, a brand name for methadone, was chosen in honour of Hitler was sadly too good to be true.

This is a fantastically interesting show!

an anonymous listener


  • Alice Cooper – Poison
  • The National – All The Wine
  • Skunk Anansie – She’s My Heroine
  • Massive Attack – Rush Minute

Plus, if you were listening live:

  • Nirvana – Lithium

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