Dystopias and Utopias (with Steve Hyde)

Sunday 16th October, 2011

Happy birthday Kim; robots; humans are inefficient batteries; squeaky burgers; the end of the world in the late 90s; Demolition Man, Escape From New York; knitting; Equilibrium; hug speakeasies.

Being engaged to Zooey Deschanel; The Matrix; The Truman Show; surveillance vs. voyeurism; “other markers are available”; Neuromancer; Ghost in the Shell; cyborg rats.

Theremins; 1984 vs. We (and Brave New World); book roulette; reading poets; James Randi; Escape From New York’s special effects; glow-in-the-dark cats; circumcision.

Superhero vigilantes with pepper spray; trick or treat; silent movies; Wall-E; Beneath A Steel Sky; GATTACA’s temporal ambiguity; The Forever War; Czech dog poo vigilante; The Culture; elitism.


  • Fol Chen – In Ruins
  • The Postal Service – This Place Is A Prison
  • The Octopus Project – Music Is Happiness
  • Faded Paper Figures – Metropolis

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